Business Consultancy

AACC works with clients on their business planning. Through AACC drive we can provide access to the most up to date accounting and financial information, allowing clients to better identify potential issues and plan ahead. With access to AACC’s wider advisory services offerings, clients benefit from tailored advice that meets their needs

Our tailor made limited company formation service allows you to choose the name of your new company, subject to availability. Your company will be incorporated within 24 hours of ordering and full company pack dispatched immediately. Each company formation is fully compliance. Each limited company package includes every required to meet Company Law regulation in respect of statutory paperwork. We will form new company with your intended directors, company secretary, registered office and shareholders all in place and recorded at Companies House at the time of formation, although we can of course still nominees for incorporation purposes if you prefer. Please have a “free meeting” via “web-cam” or phone on +44 (0)7932947624

Whether a new business or one requiring an overhaul Accounts. Accountancy Aid for Charities & Commerce services offers practical help in writing a sensible business plan to reflect the aims and aspirations of the owners, managers and staff. This exercise is not normally a one off project and we encourage regular reviews to ensure that the plan is updated as required to reflect changing circumstances. Fees vary according to the time required but wherever possible a fixed fee is agreed prior to commencement of the project

Accountancy Aid for Charities & Commerce provides services for new and existing businesses that need support and practical assistance in starting or growing their businesses. These services vary from client to client depending upon the resources and skills already available and those needed. Our aim is to compliment the talents of the business owners, filling the skills gaps and providing training so that in the fullness of time the business can stand on its own two feet. Fees vary according to the services and time required… and may be charged at an hourly rate or a fixed monthly sum. Why not call in.

We will help you to be in control of your finances including your cash flow. If you need to get anything in your business right, it is your cash flow. We will help prepare monthly/quarterly cash flow projections and analyze it for your benefit on Sage Win Forecast. Please call in for a free consultation.

Many small businesses, particularly successful growing start-ups run into cash flow problems as customers do not pay. The busy owners and managers are fully occupied ‘doing the work’ and simply do not have time to chase customers for payment. We can assist on a one off project basis, or as a regular on-going exercise to gently improve customer’s payment habits and thereby improve the cash flow of the business. Employee has trained to consider and watch cash flow every day and in all their dealings with customers, so that payment problems can be avoided or dealt with early before little problems become big disasters.

Many small business owners are so busy working and earning money that they forget to pay their bills and they needlessly upset their suppliers. We can assist on a one off project basis, or as a regular on-going exercise to implement efficient systems to overcome these problems. Staff and owners are trained where necessary so that this important area of the business is not neglected